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We provide child care & early education to infants & children, from 1 to 5 years old. 

Our primary focus is centered around developing interpersonal skills & using age-appropriate learning activities to prepare children for TK (pre-kindergarten) or Kindergarten.

We are open Monday - Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Additional hours and weekends are negotiable. 

Full-time and part-time slots offered.

(Part-time is up to 3 consecutive full days per week, Mon-Wed, Tues-Thurs, or Wed-Fri)

We make every effort to prepare our learning environment according to children's developmental level and their ability to work in the classroom.  For an example of what children can expect each day, review our Daily Routines page for both infant/toddlers and preschooler schedules. 

Infants are delicately nurtured through their discovery of the world around them.  Staff cater to keeping infants on a consistent 2-3 hour routine to include feeding, diaper changes, tummy time, and sensory/gross motor skill development. 


Toddlers are introduced to social behavioral expectations & boundaries, working to develop their ability to successfully function in a classroom setting.  Toddler learning is focused on managing executive functions, vocabulary, object identification, along with enhancing gross/fine motor skills.  Potty training is encouraged and introduced once a child reaches the ability to be "responsible for his/her body" and actively participate in the training experience.  


All children are taught independence, with support via instructional scaffolding, and encouraged to grow at their own unique pace.  We work to enhance teamwork skills, focusing on respect for peers, teachers, parents, and all living things in our environment.

Our learning environment is supplied with materials that grow with the children as they advance.

Services Include:

▪ Personal nap bedding/blankets ▪ Personal changing table liner, teething/oral toys, and bibs (for infants/toddlers) ▪ Healthy breakfast & snacks* ▪ Age-appropriate books, puzzles, toys, equipment & curriculum/learning materials ▪ Child Development Plan ▪ Daily routine & schedule of care ▪ TLC

We accept Child Action, Inc subsidy program. 

COVID-19 Protocols

Cleaning & Sanitation

  • Home is sanitized and cleaned daily; deep cleaning is performed by a professional housekeeper on a bi-weekly basis. Children linens are washed weekly, or sooner if needed.

  • Kitchen/bathroom/play areas (including outdoors) are consistently sanitized/disinfected throughout the day as children transition through activities, and at the end of each day.

  • Daily use of air purifier/humidifier to help keep air clean in home.  Windows are opened throughout the day as weather permits to introduce fresh air.

  • Every effort will be made to provide each child their own supplies/materials, such as markers/crayons, playdough, kinetic sand, and other individual play items.  These materials will be stored in individual packages labeled with each child’s name. 

  • Toys needing to be cleaned/sanitized will be placed in designated container and will not be re-introduced to play area until properly disinfected.

Operations & Staff Protocols


  • Parents drop-off/pick-up will be conducted at the front door; only children will enter the home.  Note:  If a parent must exercise their right to enter the home, he/she will wear mask & latex gloves, practice social distancing (i.e. stay 6 feet from everyone in home), and limit exposure in home.

  • Parents, as well as staff, will wear masks during drop off/pick up. 

  • Parents are asked to bring their own pen each day for signing children in/out.

  • If possible, the same parent/guardian is asked to drop-off/pick-up their child each day.  Other children/family members are asked to stay in vehicle.

  • Children will immediately sanitize hands & face at door prior to entering the home.

  • Children temperatures are taken at the front door. No one with a temperature higher than 100.4 is permitted to enter the home.

Staff Protocols

  • Staff will take his/her temperature each morning prior to reporting to work.  Staff will not report to work if temperature is 100.4 or higher, or if feeling ill.  Parents will be notified by 6:30 a.m. if anyone in the home has a temperature over 100.4, experiencing flu like symptoms, or feeling ill. 

  • Children complaining of feeling ill, or appearing ill, will be placed in an isolated area away from all others in the home.  Temperatures will be taken; if necessary parents will be called to pick the child up within one hour of being notified of child’s condition. 

  • Children with a fever of 100.4 or higher may not return to TWG care until the fever has been broken, without medication, for a full 24 hours.  See Parent Handbook "Illnesses" section for more details. 

  • Staff use gloves for tasks such as serving food, handling trash, using cleaning supplies, and assisting children with using the restroom.

  • Parents take linen home daily to wash; bring to school in travel/sports bag.

  • Children will obtain fresh air through outside activity, as the weather permits.

  • Health and sanitation are a regular part of the children’s daily learning plan.  Children will learn that keeping hands/face clean, sneezing in elbows, and stay mindful of the importance of keeping our germs to ourselves. 

  • ALL persons in home will wash hands every two hours, keep noses clean, and using hand sanitizer regularly as needed throughout the day.

  • Children will be encouraged to play individually, sharing in play through completing similar tasks at separate tables.  Staff will attempt to limit group play, avoiding close physical contact between multiple children. 

  • For napping, cots will be spaced apart, with children's heads in opposite directions. 

Note:  Parents will be allowed to enter home during initial tour/welcome visit.  Masks must be worn inside the home.  To prevent contact with children, these visits will be conducted outside of regular operation hours.  When necessary, parents may be allowed access to the backyard for meetings with staff, facility observations, etc.; mask and gloves must be worn.

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